About us

Who are we?
We are bloggers from all over the world; we are united to make bloggers of advocacy more visible by offering them the Blogorati platform to promote blogging and to fight against censorship and aggression against bloggers. The project has started during the Digital Participation Camp, Münster, 2014



where bloggers from the Social Media Club, Tunisia and other digital activists from 25 countries agreed to create the Blogorati platform aiming at bringing most of the globe blogs into a single and friendly spot where trending subjects could be visible and where action can be taken collectively each time a threat faces the bloggers’ freedom of expression through raising awareness and campaigning. We report on threats to online speech, allow bloggers to post on our platform, embed rss flux of blogs, and support efforts to improve Internet policy and practice worldwide.

What is BLOGORATI in three sentences?
Blogorati is a blog aggregator, a collective blog and a campaigning and a blogosphere news sharing platform

Why joining BLOGORATI?
By free registering to Blogorati and adding your blog rss flux all the new posts of your blog will appear on Blogorati and could be seen by a wider audience. Blogorati aims at bringing together the advocacy bloggers of the world for more visibility, for better communication and for the sake of more efficient campaigning. Solidarity between bloggers around the world could stop totalitarian regimes persecution of bloggers and social media activists.

How to register your Blog?
It won’t take you more than 30 seconds to add your blog and register to become a member of Blogorati. All you need to do is to click on the icon “register your blog”on the right of the page and follow the instructions or “add your blog” on top of the page.

Can I add a blog post and not only my blog?
Yes, apart from adding your blog, you can add blog posts by clicking on the icon “add a blog post” on top of the page, right in the centre.

Who is the Blogorati team?

Social Media Team

Abdlekrim Ben Abdallah
Amine Ouichka
Bahia Nar
Zied Ben Amor

IT Team

Ali El-Hefnawy
Bilel Anaya
Web Developer
Marouen Tayari
Web Developer
Peter Schlegel
Video Maker
Wassim Zoghlemi



Blogorati,you blog it, we spread it .